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underneath the stars

remembering da time we spent together...i wud nvr forget

-The Past

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Saturday, September 20, 2008
hey yo! im bak again!
3:53 PM

hihie all^^ bak in action whoosh~! XD todae is a DAMN DAMN BORING dae. i reli hab to emphasize tat. lol. anywae as usual, plae piano, eat, sleep, watch tv n etc etc...
well im glad tat i manage to grab hold of some photos of cfg n able to c my fwens again(in virtual==)! so here r some of em ;D:

My bro...... Me...... N Zhi Zhen!!!! gosh... reli miss her... i reli thank her so much 4 everyth she had done for us!!! >.<

here is a photo wif da catwalkers (joanne, felicia, anita, zhizhen, junyuan, jek keat [wat is he doin on my head? o.O], n me!) C those cuties children beside me? they r da 'little sunshines'!

A group random photo. XD my bro looks cool man... ;D wherea i looked abit... wired @_@. XD CHEERS to chiobus ard me~! [hey bro i dint meant eu so... relax heh heh heh=P]

hey yo we r da catwalkers~! Meow~! XD jkjk. C those cool dude n babe rite over there? They r Junyuan n Anita respectively. Miss eu all T.T...

dis is a group photo of all mannequins n da soloist... they r cool n pretty arent they? ;D

okie tats all for todae... im quite tired... haiz... is 1 wk since we part... but it feels like as though i seen them ytd... haiz... well hope i cud eu guyz one dae!

-Claud gazes at sky n c da stars shining bright... Missing..

Friday, September 19, 2008
hey yo all! Aloha! First time creating blog=P
10:19 PM

hiaz... todae... is a 'MARVELOUS' dae... so sianz... stay at home do nth but rot n dae dreaming... == but finally xam finish! but tats nt da end yet... till gt o lvl... ==haiz... eh but wat am i doin here sia.. lol.. sud be studying. but am i tat kinda studious person? ans: no. so lets carry on wif my ramblings n bamblings wateva.

kinda cool ytd (or isit ytd?) i juz joined facebk n made alot of fwens! (actually those fwens i noe de). XD but anywaes... i manage to get 2 photos on cfg (cultural friendship gathering, if im nt wrong yea..) on us(oh yea da whole cool hip hop gang ;D)! here r da 2 photos:

oh yea we rox~ guess where am i;D?[i look kinda unnatural o.O)

oh yea dudes n babes! Catwalkers time;D! XD

(seriously i look weird)

okie i gtg le.. else if mum caught me using lap im gonna be so dead X_X... sayonara everyone n enjoy~gonna miss eu all especially Anita, Junyuan, Felicia, n all da others T.T...

hey all! some anime piano sheets/music links i found!
10:52 AM

dis is some of my fav anime songs tat i like. It took me quite smtime for me to find on da net but i manage to find it...yea... n hope eu wud like wat i share wif eu! [sry for my inexperience in dis =P]

-Ayashi no ceres

*Scarlet (piano sheet)

+Piano solo mp3 (Scarlet)+

(dis include da piano sheet for scarlet too)

*mp3 music from ayashi no ceres [eu cud find most of da songs here... hope eu enjoy~ =D]
(click da arrow beside da song to download it)

-D-gray man

(dis r all piano sheets of dgrayman n they even included midi files in it^^)

-Vampire Knight

(dis include piano sheets of vampire knight n hab midi files accompanying wif it^^)

-Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi

(Press z n find for dis anime)

actually all (or almost all) animes piano sheets n scores come from all dis websites... if da above isnt wat eu wan, eu can look up those links n search for it^^ :

For Classical Fwens^^ (piano sheets)
10:52 AM

hey all! here is some links for fwens tat r interested in playin classical music. Hope eu enjoy it!


(includes: Sonata In A (Turkish March), Don Juan, Minuet In F, Requiem)


*Canon in D


[Badiniere, Ave Maria, Concerto Italiano, Air On The G String, Prelude No.1 C Major, Toccata And Fugue In D Minor(Dorian)]


[Pathetique, Minuet In G, Piano Concerto No 4, Moonlight Sonata (Full Version), Romance In G Major, Theme From The 5th Symphony, Fur Elise, Sonata In G]


[Nocturne 2, Fantasie Impromptu, Romance, Prelude Opus 28 #4, Souvenir de Paganini, Waltz,Nocturne In C Minor Op48,No1, Two Mazurkas, The Revolutionary Etude, Raindrops]

well... dis r some of da famous composers. If eu cant find wat eu wan here... here r some links for eu to consider^^(restricted for classics):

(oso a gd site for modern music from artists like ashlee simpson, 50 cents, backstreet boys etc... juz click da tag under 'modern' eu wud find da whole list^^)

[trying to find more sites... sry if eu cant find wat eu wan in these sites]

-claud flies over to da sky... to da universe... n came clashing down of earth

For MusiC LuVers (free music download sites ;D)
10:52 AM

For those hu hab difficulty of finding musics.... eu may consider some links rite here=D:

(warning: although dis site is a gd site for eu to download ur music... it hab some broken links=P)

(eu nid to sign up for dis first b4 eu r allowed to download any music n is legal. Dis is one of da top 5 free music download site [tats wat they claim])

(eu dun reli nid to sign up for dis BUT eu hab to give ur email to em == is legal oso)

(eu dun hab to sign up but some songs canot be downloaded)

well i tink tats all i hab... if eu wanna contribute any other free sites eu may do so by adding a comment^^)

-claud flies over to da sky... to da universe... n came clashing down of earth